Saftkeur - fantasy/fetish art and stories

My name is Saftkeur, and my passion is storytelling through whatever medium is within my reach.

More precisely, I am a fantasy/fetish artist and creator of the fantasy-world of Paeratopa. My content focuses mostly on fantasy with a fetishistic twist - magical giantesses and monstergirls, shrinking magics, vore and more, both playful and terrifying scenarios as they all come together. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in a world of such fantastic creatures, bolstered by an innate magic that renders death a mere temporary inconvenience, but challenged by the fact that you're on the bottom of the food chain?

For those who need a bit more of an introduction than that, I should start by explaining some of the fetish content I focus on. Vorarephilia, or vore, is the fascination with the fantasy of beings consuming other beings, generally alive and whole. Though it comes in many... let's say flavors, for myself, I focus primarily upon scenarios with giantess predators and shrunken prey, always gentle and non-fatal in outcome, though not always so simple. A personal interest in tongues and a few other fetishes often makes itself known in my work as well, and I hope the fetishistic elements are balanced out at least slightly by my love of good, engaging fantasy storytelling.

Platforms I'm on:

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