About the Artist

Starting off artistically at a young age with traditional medias and later digital painting, Saftkeur shifted their focus to 3D work and more kink/fetish themes sometime around 2010. Now, this has become their primary form of content; aiming to strike a balance between filling the odd niches of art and stories they find interest in, and embracing the odd appeal their work has taken on to audiences outside of this realm of fetish and kink fantasy.

In personal life, Saftkeur is a queer individual, asexual and non-binary (they/them pronouns). English-speaking, though fluent in Google Translate. Age, appearance, and precise location are among the details they prefer to keep private, a loosely-maintained separation between personal and professional.

Media Appearances

Coeval Magazine: "Saftkeur", April 2021 (interview)

Vogue.com: "The Creepiest Look Book Is 3D and Full-Fledged Fantasy", March 2021 (art use, brief mention)

Konbini.com/fr: "Saftkeur, l'artiste qui crée des femmes géantes aux langues XXL", August 2017 (interview, translated to and published in French)

Aborigen-gts: "Interview with Saftkeur", June 2016 (interview)

Georgiadabizz: "Saftkeur", January 2016 (interview, archived)

Mic.com: "Meet the Teens Who Get Off on Being Eaten Alive", May 2015 (art use)