Characters > Laxi

Birthdate: February 28

Height: 9' 1"

Species/Traits: Unknown; in the world she comes from, her kind are naturally tall and live in northerly lands. Occasionally they are gifted with magic or other such skills, though Laxi's aptitude (and interest) in magics were both low, instead focused on simple survival skills.

About: An outsider to Paeratopa, Laxi found herself sucked into this strange realm... and immediately fell in love with it. For why would she expend efforts to try and return to her home world when this one is filled with such fascinating adventures and even more fascinating comforts and indulgences?

Fun-loving and positive, Laxi enjoys the simpler things in life, almost as much as she enjoys the delicious things in life. Survival skills from her original home give her great aptitude towards exploration within Paeratopa's more dangerous wilds; though she has no interest in using those skills to try and return to her old home, she's happy to offer services guiding others or hunting for treasures she can use or trade, to let her continue spending her free time just relaxing and indulging herself with so many new experiences. (Especially food.)

While she's not fond of taking on responsibilities or obligations if she can avoid it, she likes to help those who are smaller than her, admittedly a vast majority of people she meets. More unique are those who are truly smaller than her, shrunken humans and their like; while she doesn't have a particular appetite for them like the native Paerans, she still finds them incredibly easy to swallow up, a novel indulgence accompanied by the satisfaction of knowing she's helped them to regain their original sizes.

Friendships: Gregarious and bold, Laxi finds it easy to acquaint herself with many, Paerans and non-Paerans alike. Of those she naturally gets along with however, she's on particularly good terms with Yulma, and while her stature is intimidating to most humans, a naturally tiny-sized girl named May is a fond companion of hers, despite their massive size difference making for some challenges in regular interaction.

Likes: Sweets and 'junk' foods, games and toys, and just generally being comfy and relaxed

Dislikes: Responsibilities, being told she's 'wasting' her skills or strength, seeing others intimidate or cause harm to anyone smaller than them