Characters > Lissa

Birthdate: July 17

Height: 5' 8¼"

Species/Traits: A mix of tsubashii and succubus, Lissa's appearance is primarily that of her tsubashii nature, her cow-like horns coupled with a similarly cow-like tongue, her slender tail the only obvious indication of her succubus traits. She is a powerful sizer, though primarily in regards to shrinking; while capable of enlarging as well, it is considerably more difficult for her.

About: Lissa adores teasing and flirting with others, taking great amusement in coaxing a reaction from whoever she may set her sights upon. A very warm and friendly person, if indulgent and whimsical; comfort is of utmost concern to her, though she otherwise takes delight in easing herself past the boundaries of personal space.

She has a strong fixation upon squishing sensations in particular, squirming reactions often being a key aspect of this. Physical contact is likewise an important element, and often coaxes satisfying reactions from others; more innocuous massaging may seem purely friendly, but in some cases may also serve as simply a start to further indulgences, namely shrinking those she considers prey.

With her prey tiny, Lissa absolutely loves the sensations of their squirming, whether they're wriggling in her grasp, being squeezed in her cleavage or between her thighs, or of course simply caught up upon her squishy tongue; always squishing of the non-violent variety, as she still takes great care not to cause harm to her little playthings.

Friendships: ~Miriam, Kuchi, Uie, Lalasa?, Yulma, Jemma, Chelsea, Ruri

Likes: Massages (giving and receiving), squishing and squeezing in nearly any form, flustered people

Dislikes: Crunchy things, being ignored