Characters > Jemma

Birthdate: June 14

Height: 5' 7½"

Species/Traits: Succubus/Tsubashii mix

About: Calm and collected, Jemma very much enjoys maintaining a subtle sultry friendliness about herself, a gentle bemusement towards others. Though she possesses magical pheromones from her succubus traits, she takes especial pride in being able to 'seduce' others without resorting to magic unless she feels it's a necessity; she enjoys most of all to have prey who are naturally curious and willing, and will happily take her time in seeking those out and coaxing them to her, easing them in rather then simply shrinking and consuming them on the spot (no matter how much she might like to do so, at times).

Beyond her natural paeran craving to shrink and swallow humans, she is also a simply very relaxed and friendly person, also more than happy to serve as a guide to new arrivals in Paeratopa and otherwise be their introduction to the world's odd nature. And though she especially enjoys those new arrivals and being able to gently toy with their inexperience and awe, she's rarely one to say no to one of them who might decide to return to her after they've been eaten and respawned; always in moderation, but who can say no to recurring playthings?

Friendships: While Jemma most often enjoys spending time on her own or with cute humans, she's close friends with Molly, Sanae, Teresa, and Lissa.

Likes: Curious people, shy people, relaxed afternoons

Dislikes: Excessive brashness, noisy places