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Birthdate: January 3

Height: 5' 6" (horns excluded)

Species/Traits: Kuchi is a mix of tsubashii and faerie, her cow-like horns coming from her tsubashii nature, pointed ears a trademark of her faerie traits. Like most other Paerans, she is capable of shrinking her prey through contact; in addition to this, she can reverse these effects on-demand, though only effects of her own doing.

About: Friendliness is kind of her thing; she adores giving people hugs, and meeting new people, and giving slobbery hellos with a smile and laugh. And, of course, she loves eating tiny people, with no qualms about shrinking anyone who happens to be not-tiny at the time the mood strikes her. Especially those she's claimed as friends; there's a fair difference in her head between friends who are edible or otherwise, and from her perspective, eating those edible friends (basically, anyone non-Paeran and tasty-looking) is just further affection to her. For isn't swallowing someone a lot like just an exaggerated hug?

She's not completely single-minded, and can be deterred from such engagements if headed off early enough. But she does tend to move a bit quick once the idea is in her head, and she's already accustomed to the fact that humans tend to overreact when it comes to getting eaten. They'll always come back, after all, so why the fuss?

Friendships: Kuchi's insistence on being friends with everyone naturally leads her to be friends with many Paerans as well, but among them, Lissa, Riri, and Aya are some of her closest, and she loves the company of Miriam and Momiji as well. The one notable exception among her non-Paeran friends is Ruri, who Kuchi (reluctantly) refrains from outright eating.

Likes: Friendly people, hugs, eating (especially twinkies), exercising

Dislikes: Mean people, arguments